Approximately 170,000 Undocumented Children Will Gain Access to Health Coverage for the First Time Ever as Soon as May 2016

March 16, 2016

In 2015, California legislators expanded Medi-Cal to cover all lower-income children under 19 years old, regardless of their immigration status. This new expansion will give all kids access to quality, affordable health care.

During May 2016, 170,000 undocumented children will gain access to health coverage for the first time ever in the state of California. With the implementation of this Medi-Cal expansion, California will be the fifth state in the country to expand affordable and quality health care to lower-income undocumented children.

There are steps that families can take NOW to ensure their children will be able to take full advantage of full Medi-Cal benefits as soon as they are available. Parents are encouraged to enroll their children in emergency Medi-Cal before May to begin the process. Medi-Cal enrollment is open year-around so families do not have to wait to have an emergency to enroll their children in emergency Medi-Cal. Children enrolled in emergency Medi-Cal will be automatically transitioned into comprehensive Medi-Cal, which will provide them with full preventative health services, once the expansion takes effect in May.

East Valley Community Health Center has enrollment specialists at each of its centers available to help parents apply for Medi-Cal for their families. These specialists can help walk families through the procedure of enrollment to ease the process. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please call (626) 919-4333 ext. 0. 

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