Controlling Diabetes Through Healthy Eating

March 29, 2017

Every March, National Nutrition Month is celebrated across the United States to focus on the importance of making smart food choices and developing good eating and physical activity habits. For 2017, the theme of National Nutrition Month is "Put Your Best Fork Forward", which is a reminder that each bite counts to create a healthy lifestyle. Making just small shifts in our food choices, can add up over time. One chronic condition that can be greatly improved by a healthier diet and more active lifestyle is diabetes. Here are some tips from East Valley’s very own registered dietitians on how you and your loved ones can control diabetes through healthy eating:

Choose lean meat/plant substitutes as your protein source for each meal

  • Protein sources should be no wider and no thicker than the palm of your hand
    • Examples include: turkey, fish, chicken, lean beef and pork, eggs, cheese, nuts, seeds, and soy-based products

Make half of your lunch and dinner plate non-starchy vegetables

  • Examples include spinach/romaine lettuce/kale salads, tomatoes, broccoli, squash, carrots, green beans, asparagus, and cactus

Select 2-4 high fiber (at least 3 grams/serving), whole grain foods for your starch options, as fiber has been shown to help lower blood sugars

  • Examples include 100% whole grain pasta, rice, tortilla, small dinner roll, corn, beans and lentils
    • Although all starches eventually turn into sugar in your body, not all will spike your sugars quickly and not all offer the benefits of fiber. Read the ingredients label on the Nutrition Facts section of your food products and make sure 100% WHOLE WHEAT or WHOLE GRAIN is the first ingredient when choosing a whole-wheat/whole grain item.

Choose water most often as your beverage with meals

  • Add a lemon slice for flavor if you don’t prefer the flavor-less taste of water

These tips are for you to follow at each meal assuming you have three meals each day. Second helpings may cause you to consume extra calories and sugar, which may lead to weight gain and a rise in your blood sugars. Speak with a registered dietitian (RD) today to make an appointment to receive an individualized plan to help you manage your diabetes and reach your goals.

Visit the American Diabetes Association website for tools to help you stay on track with your diabetes and be sure to find even more tips from America’s nutrition experts, Registered Dietitians, on the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics website.



Diabetes Classes at East Valley Community Health Center

At East Valley, we believe in the power of wellness and prevention when it comes to treating diabetes. In collaboration with both nurses and dietitians, East Valley offers FREE Diabetes Management classes, in both Spanish and English, in our West Covina and Pomona center locations that introduce the diabetes process, diabetes medications and glucometer usage, and eating and exercising with diabetes. Come join us for better living with diabetes!

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