Go Further with Food: Meal Planning to Success

March 26, 2018

Planning and preparing your meals ahead of time can have many amazing benefits: it saves time and money and can contribute to an overall more nutritionally balanced diet. Here our some tips on how to meal prep from one of our Registered Dietitians at East Valley, Ariadna Mendez.

1) Plan Ahead: Decide what you want to eat for the rest of the week and pick out 2-3 recipes that you would like to use, as well as the number of servings you want to make. Tip: Try to use recipes that share similar ingredients. This can help you to avoid food waste and save money!

2) Make a List: Once you know what recipes you will make, make a list of ingredients you will need. Make sure you check which ingredients you have at home before going to the store.

3) Select a Shopping Day: Choose a day to go shopping for ingredients, preferably 1-2 days before you plan to cook.

4) Start your Meal Prep: Now that you have the ingredients you need, it's time to prepare your meals. Remember, practice makes perfect!

According to Mayo Clinic, "You can have a big impact on your health — and your budget — just by eating at home more often. With menu planning you know what your meals will look like and what you need to buy. That makes grocery shopping more efficient and cuts down on unplanned trips to buy one or two items. And with a grocery list in hand — a byproduct of good menu planning — it's easier to resist impulse purchases."